Performances for Change the World or Only for Make up the Dead Body



“This is the situation of politics which Fascism is rendering aesthetic… Fascism attempts to organize the newly created proletarian masses without affecting the property structure which the masses strive to eliminate. Fascism sees its salvation in giving these masses not their right, but instead a chance to express themselves. Fascism seeks to give them an expression while preserving property… War and war only can set a goal for mass movements on the largest scale while respecting the traditional property system. All efforts to render politics aesthetic culminate in one thing: war….” (Walter Benjamin 1936. )
In this 70 anniversary of the victory under fascism in The Second World War, it is interesting to see how the politics of fascism are as current now as they were before and during The Second World War. We can see that the politics of fascism are causing today „small“ wars such as wars in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and just France. Those wars can be regarded as today’s global war, if you like The Third World War.
It is my belief that performance art’s main duty is to challenge the politics of fascism. Now more than ever, performance artists must help to their societies to win in this cure fight with fascism so perfect in the softy ways to use and performance art itself to advertise its ideology.
Festival Performance Against Fascism is the glorification of 70 anniversary of the victory under fascism in The Second World War and all of performances inspired by and dedicated to that victory are very welcome.
Festival Performance Against Fascism is dedicated to the most authentic political performances in these times of breakdown of all valuables, performances of insurrection against fascism. It made sure today performance artists are just those who perform in art actions, rebellions, protests, revolts, riots and revolutions against fascism.
Festival Performance Against Fascism examines the complexities underlying our current perceptions of the politics of fascism’s performances. It is aimed to discover the mechanisms of political propaganda and manipulation of the mass across the performance art made by the politics of fascism. It is aimed at encourage performers, artists, activists, academics, theoreticians and, not least, the Audience, to make the distinction between performances serve to people and performances serve the politics of fascism. Only you need to do is to email to by: 5. 12. 2015. with: short CV, link to website or max 1 MB supporting material, short description of performance or content of the text (explication) you wish to participate at the Symposium.
As Festival Performance Against Fascism is really independent, critical, free and opened for followers of very critical options, there is not any sponsor. Consequent the Festival can’t offer any expenses and fees for participants.
Festival will take place in Belgrade and London (15. -21. December 2015.)


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