Performances for Change the World or Only for Make up the Dead Body



                   Call for Submissions


     IV Symposium Political Performance





              (IN MEMORY OF THE GREAT WAR)




24. -27. 3.  2014


                      In this anniversary year of the Great War, it is interesting to see  how the politics of imperialism are as current now as they were in 1914. We can see that the politics of imperialism are causing todays small wars such as Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria and just Ukraine. These wars can be regarded as today’s global war, if you like today’s Great War.

                   It is my belief that performance art’s main duty is to challenge the Politics of Imperialism.  Now more than ever, performance artists must help to their societies to win  in this  cure  fight  with Imperialism  so  perfect in the softy ways to use performance art to advertise itself.

                IV symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism is dedicated to the most authentic political performances in these times of breakdown of all valuables, performances of  insurrection against imperialism. It made sure today performance artists are just those who perform in art actions, rebellions, protests, revolts, riots and revolutions against imperialism.

                  IV symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism examines the complexities underlying our current  perceptions  of  the politics of imperialism’s performances, not only in Serbia, but in the  wider world. It is aimed to discover the mechanisms of political propaganda  and manipulation of the mass across the performance art  made by the politics of imperialism. It is aimed  at encourage  performers, artists, activists, academics, theoreticians and, not least, the Audience, to make the distinction between performances serve to people and performances serve the politics of imperialism.          

                  IV symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism opens up  the questions:

-How are the politics of imperialism using   performance and performance artists to agitprop the agenda of imperialism?

– Anti capitalism  and anti globalization  performances have been implicated in a process of inoculation  to protect  imperialism? Must  the performance art be influented by capital or must  be fully integreted with  imperialism? Has political  performance been co-opted   into signs and  commodities and being so subservient to imperialism?

– „Performances of „ Spring“ Movements worldwide and performances of “Resist” on 5. October in Belgrade ”-  Those performances really  question  and try to radically change the society, or do they slave only to beautify  the dead body of imperialism? What are real nature and functions of those political performances?

          IV symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism is a  gathering  of some of the most exciting  and radical performance artists, activists   and thinkers from across the world and  has some of the most interesting examples of performance against imperialism in the political life of Serbia-  for a  four-day  program of events and activities, taking place  at many historical  sites in  contemporary Belgrade and on historical dates 24. March (On 24. March 1999.  NATO – Army of imperialism has been starting the bombing of Serbia) and 27. March (on 27. March 1941. Serbian mass protest against the Government pact with Nazists “BETTER THE WAR, THEN THE PACT” was held in Belgrade).

                   IV symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism opens call for all of performers, observers, participants, academics, thinkers and theoreticians  of  performance  of insurrection and  unacceptability of the world ruled by  the politics of imperialism (artists, citizens, group of citizens, political parties, believers, syndicates, peasants, activists, representatives of minority…).

                    Only you need to do is to email to by 10. 3. 2014 with: CV and artist (activist) statement, website link or max 1 MB supporting material, short description of performance or content of the text (explication) you wish to participate at the Symposium.

                    As The Forth Symposium Performances to Resist the Politics of Imperialism is really independent, critical, free and opened for followers of very critical options, there is not any sponsor. Consequent the Symposium can’t offer any expenses and fees for  participants, but the participation by Skype, texts, videos and photos are  very welcome.

The deadline: 10. 3. 2014.





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