Performances for Change the World or Only for Make up the Dead Body


                                        Call for Participation

                   III Symposium  Political Performance

                Performances of  Insurrection and Unacceptability of the World without

                                                   Doubtless  Valuables

                                         24. –  27. 3.  2013.  Belgrade, Serbia

                The Third Symposium Political Performance is dedicated to the most authentic political performances in these times of breakdown of all valuables, performances of  insurrection.

            The Third Symposium Political Performance become inspired by despaired, humiliated, looted and abused people  who has rioted by performance means against social injustice, criminal, hopeless, prospectless and disaster. It means the Third Symposium become inspired by creative, self-conscious and brave people doesn’t  agree to the enforced world.

           The Third Symposium Political Performance made sure today  performance artists are just those who perform in rebellions, protests, revolts, riots and revolutions. Performance artists could be as much:  professional artists and „common“ people, rebels and protesters, insurgents and  rioters, hooligans and revolutionists, activists  and politicians, capitalists and communists, nationalists and  internationalists, old and young, sincere and manipulated, minorities and majorities, policemen and criminals, peasants and citizens, students and professors, workers and owners, fundamentalists and believers,  extremists  and philanthropists, syndicate leaders and representatives of profession, doctors and patients, idealists and  materialists, refugees and immigrants, leftists and rightists… Everybody used his body, psycho and spiritual possibilities  fighting  for ideas and valuables in which sincerely believes, everybody doesn’t  agree to the world without valuables is authentic performer! And their performances are true performances of unacceptability of the world without doubtless  valuables.

  1.       The Third Symposium Political Performance will be a four-day program of events and activities, taking place at well-known public and historical sites in contemporary Belgrade (Serbian Literary Society, Francuska 7)  on historical dates (24th March and 27th March) and at a very political time.

                  The Third Symposium Political Performance opens call for all of performers, observers, participiants, academics, thinkers and theoreticians  of  performance  of insurrection and  unacceptability of the world without doubtless  valuables  (artists, citizens, group of citizens, political parties, believers, syndicates, peasants, activists, representatives of minority…) no matter what are their political and esthetical commitments!

                   Only you  need to do is to email to by 13. March 2013  with: CV and artist (activist) statement, website link or max 1MB supporting material, short description of performance or content of the text (explication) you wish to participate at the Symposium.

                   As the Symposium Political Performance is realy independent, critical, free and opened for followers of all political and esthetical options, there is not any sponsor. Consequent the  Symposium can’t offer any expenses and  fees  for  participiants, but the participation by Skype, texts, videos and photos are  very welcome.


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